Alison Logan BA (Hons) Fine Art Sculpture, Glasgow School of Art
Director Moving Arts Scotland CIC

I deliver pottery workshops for anyone interested in learning how to develop skills in hand building and throwing. I am also happy to facilitate anyone who would like to further develop their on-going practice within in a studio context.

Riverside Studios has given me the opportunity to work with artists and designers from differing specialties. We bring together multiple materials and techniques that we can all share and utilise in our work.

I am one of 4 directors of Moving Arts Scotland CIC and take responsibility for the day-to-day operations of Riverside Studios as well as all funding applications.

Living on the South West Coast of Scotland, I am influenced by our sea and rugged landscapes. I love the contrast in texture, light and colour. I choose to work in clay to design and produce ceramics that reflect my experiences. I am moved at this time to produce representations of this most unusual time in our history. I am disturbed by the un-trusting paradigm we have all been drawn into, that has changed our world in ways I’m sure we don’t understand yet. I look forward to reflecting these new ideas and challenges in my work. I love working with opposing textures, which I represent through the variety of clays I work with. Experimenting with glazes in layers with other materials that can alter the textures and colours that develop through firings.

I jointly project manage the CACTI and work with Southcraig Special School on the development of arts & crafts workshops for young adults with severe physical and learning disabilities, through their school leavers programme.


I work with Council Safety Officers to develop our “A Day In The Life” project, initiated to re-engage young learners through introducing new skills and open up new opportunities in further training, education and employment.

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